Rose Petal Cordial

This delicious cordial is so easy to make and fast too. Keep those wonderful rose flavours to use as cordial, for cocktails, to add to desserts, even to add to vinegar. Herbalists say that rose flavour lifts the spirits, I love it. The recipe starts with notes on sterilising equipment – just to keep you safe. 😊
Rose Petal Cordial – makes 1.7 Litres
• 150g well scented rose petals
• 1 litre water
• 1 kg sugar
• 1 lemon zested and sliced
• 35g citric acid
• Screw topped bottles.

Always use sterile equipment, check out the best method for you.
Different ways to achieve this are:
• chemical steriliser e.g. Milton,
• microwave wet for 2 minutes,
• heat in the oven at 125 degrees C for 10 minutes,
• boiling for 10 minutes.

First sterilise a large plastic food container and a stirring spoon. Then boil the water and pour it into the container, add the sugar and stir until dissolved. When warm – but not steaming, add the lemon zest, sliced lemon, rose petals and citric acid. Stir, then cover the container with a lid or tea towel.
Stir twice a day for two days with a very clean spoon (pour boiling water over it – this will remove germs).
After two days the cordial is ready to bottle. Sterilise a large jug, a funnel, bottles, and a muslin cloth (or fine sieve).
Strain the cordial through the muslin in to the jug. Then using the funnel fill the bottles and screw down the caps.
The cordial will keep for up to a month in the fridge or will freeze well.

Wild fruit vinegars

Yesterday I was asked by our foraging group to post this recipe because they loved it so much!

Wild Raspberry Vinegar and Blackberry Vinegar were the unexpected stars of the preserves session on yesterdays One day Foraging Course. People were bowled over by how delicious these sweet and slightly sour sauces are.

Blackberry vinegar and Goats cheese croustade


Raspberry vinegar was a very popular in our grandparents’ day, being used as a cordial or poured over sponge puddings and ice cream. It is believed to be the fore runner of the red sauce that the ice cream man uses now! The tangy sweet taste of Blackberry vinegar goes very well with goat’s cheese or other creamy cheeses, we particularly like it with nice soft blue cheese or with mixed salads.

Blackberry Vinegar Ingredients:


Malt vinegar


Wild Raspberry Vinegar Ingredients:

Wild Raspberries

White Wine Vinegar



Weigh the berries then wash and remove any bugs etc. Put them in a bowl and squash a little with the back of a spoon. For every 450g (1lb) of fruit add 550ml (1pt) vinegar and cover the bowl with a cloth.  Leave to stand for 3 – 4 days stirring occasionally. Strain the liquid through a fine mesh sieve into a measuring jug.  For every 550ml (pint) add 450g (1lb) sugar and put in a pan. Boil for 10 minutes then cool, strain again and bottle in sterile bottles.

As always be sure of your identification…come on a course if you want to learn more about Wild food and Foraging www.tastethewild/courses

Below are photos from our One day foraging course 13th August 2014