Chris and Rose Bax set up Taste the Wild to promote wild foods as exciting ingredients to use in innovative ways.

This new blog page is a way for us to share our experiences, experiments, courses and discoveries.

Since Taste the Wild began we have worked with many different groups, with ages ranging from 7 to 80 and backgrounds from merchant banking to herbalism. We have worked behind the scenes on popular TV shows and been advisors to newspapers and publishers. Everyday we learn new things and will always endeavour to find new and exciting ways to teach and inspire people.

Chris Bax

If you combine the knowledge and passions of a chef with the practical skills of a boy scout, I guess you get quite close to Chris.

Chris  set up Taste the wild to promote wild foods as exciting ingredients.

“We use so many wild foods now in our cooking, it could be a simple addition to a salad or a wild component to a delicious dinner.”

His chefs skills enable him to teach simple but innovative ways with new ingredients.

“Using new flavours, some unlike anything in the shops, people can create dishes that are deliciously different.”

Above all he is a man who loves to inspire people. He has so much to pass on, and he does it in a way that seems personalised to each individual.


Chris’ two passions in life (apart from his wife Rose) are the outdoors and food. Chris has had a love of the outdoors from scouting as a boy to mountaineering and mountain travel in later years.

He has traveled widely and has experienced life with indigenous peoples around the globe. His love of food led him into a career as a chef, but the outdoor life kept calling and inspired him to set up Taste the Wild where he could combine his interests and allow him to pass on his enthusiasm and knowledge to others.

Rose Bax

Rose has always loved plants, flowers and trees. She learnt to recognise a lot of species as a child, taught by her mum and granny.

I painted pictures of plants and flowers when I was in my teens, usually pen and ink and watercolour, I liked the botanical type illustrations that showed the plants’ structure as well as its beauty.”

The glamour of advertising and graphics pulled her away for a few years but the countryside has pulled back.

The subject of plant identification is an enormous one and can be confusing. It is a subject that Rose loves, “It’s a bit like being a plant detective we can see by a plants features a likely identification and the landscape around can confirm it.

Managing their 18 acre site is Rose’s favourite pastime. They are slowly reducing the number of conifers in the wood and replanting with native broadleaf species. She likes nothing more than getting her chainsaw out and doing some thinning.

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