‘Create a fifteen minute foodie challenge for 500 people.’


This was the brief set by Eventuality events for the Boden (the fashion retailer) summer party. We already have a range of corporate events that we run at our own wood based around food, craft, nature and camp skills, www.tastethewild.co.uk/courses-corporate but none of these fitted the bill, so we put our thinking caps on.

The summer party is an outdoor event at which Boden’s staff enjoy an amazing treat filled day out. The 500 guests are divided into 16 teams and have challenges to perform throughout the day, to earn points and eventually win prizes. This year the party venue was the amazingly beautiful Stowe school and grounds in Buckinghamshire.

We came up with a taste challenge – using techniques pioneered by chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, we created test tubes of crazy coloured liquids varying in taste from Smokey Bacon to Apple pie, Black truffle to Bubblegum.  In a blind tasting the teams had to analyse the tastes and won points for how many they guessed correctly.




Everyone loved it, even though some of them found the bright purple, blue cheese drink a little challenging!












As part of an all day treasure hunt we also designed a foraging challenge which involved the teams of staff hunting out five edible plants in the ground of the venue using plant identification sheets and GPS units.

Thanks to Alison Tait at http://www.eventualityevents.co.uk for using Taste the Wild for this corporate entertainment day again. It is always great to work with such professional partners.


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