Fantastical food at the Boden summer party!

Boden team challenge

Team Boden enjoying their taste challenge in the shade.

The staff summer party where the ‘Fantastical Food’ looks like one thing but tastes completely different!

The Boden summer party at Knebworth Run by Eventuality events  involved Taste the Wild again for the 3rd year running. As part of the diverse range of activities on offer Taste the Wild designed and ran a taste test challenge where the teams had a party food platter to test their taste buds and score points.

Boden party platter

Fantastical food party platter

Imagine – sausages on sticks that taste of banana and raisin bread, or battenburg cake with smoked paprika, curry and chilli jam!

boden foraging sheets

Foraging guides

Other challenges included a foraging treasure hunt using hand held GPS units to help find five wild edible plants in the beautiful Knebworth parkland.


Thanks to for using Taste the Wild for this corporate entertainment day. It is always a pleasure to play a part at these amazing events.


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