Wild about food at Swinton Park 13th October 2012

A cracking day at Swinton Park!!!  You can not beat a crisp Autumnal morning with the sun in the sky and a woodland full of wild mushrooms.

A walk in the parkland yielded Puffballs, Stumpballs, Amethyst deceivers, Deceivers, Common yellow russula, Charcoal burner, The Blusher, Shaggy ink caps and Yellow cracked bolete. A fine basket full for John Rogers at the Swinton park cookery school to cook up a storm with.

John certainly did all the foragers proud with a 5 course lunch based on local and wild produce.

Estate pigeon with Geranium, Squash and candied walnuts.


Sugar smoked salmon with marinated beets, horseradish creme fraiche, apple puree and a watercress foam.Image

Venison forestier, foie, shallots and paris mash.


Homemade pannatone pain perdu, walled garden raspberries and creme anglaiseImage

Rosehip and Hawthorn soup with Yellison farm goats cheese ice  cream, spelt granola and blackberries from the walled garden.Image

Recipes will follow shortly…………… Come on John!!

Thank you to all who attended and made the day so enjoyable.

One thought on “Wild about food at Swinton Park 13th October 2012

  1. Absolutely fab morning, both fun and informative. Stunning lunch by John. Still waiting for the recipes !!
    Don’t hesitate, book it, you’ll love it.

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