Wild Food Weekend – Oct 2012

Once again we spent a lovely wild food weekend down in the woods with some amazing people. The weather conditions have been perfect recently, wet week days and sunny weekends so we had plenty of mushrooms to play with. We also had a good variety of game (rabbit, pheasants, ducks, pigeons and partridges…), which we enjoyed in the menu below. Great foraging, great food, great people, what else could you ask!

Dates for 2013 Wild Food Weekends are now available to book on our website: http://www.tastethewild.co.uk/courses-wildfood.html

Saturday 6th lunch

Rabbit kofte kebabs, berry pickle, minted yoghurt and chapatis

Saturday night dinner

Wild mushrooms orsotto

Pan fried game birds, wild herb Yorkshire pudding and hogweed spiced pumpkin

Wild berry crumble

Sunday 7th lunch

Homemade smoked venison sausage, and white bean soup with wild herb soda bread

Dandelion and burdock cordial

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